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Armed with a BA in Theatre Arts from State University of New York at Fredonia, an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College

and over 10 years of professional teaching experience. 

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"Law is incredibly talented and doesn't judge. He will give constructive criticism while providing encouragement and room to grow. Any talent level will thrive and succeed in a class taught by Law. Oh! And you will have the time of your life all the while! "

- Melissa Anne
Student SUNY Brockport


"Law is a brilliant teacher and a master at the craft of improv. Not only is he engaging and concise, but he makes learning a challenging skill thoroughly enjoyable. He knows how to tap into the strengths of each individual student while also supporting the group as a whole. Law's good humor and enthusiasm for improv is contagious. You will not want to miss this opportunity. I promise you, Law knows what he's doing!"

- Sarah Peters

 M. E.D. & NYS Certified Teacher


" I can't express how lucky I was to have crossed paths with Law this semester. Just being able to relate to someone, and see the positive effect he has on all sorts of people and with a passion to inspire - it's a beautiful gift to have such ability."

- Brian Murray
Student, SUNY Brockport


"I took Law's class my spring semester of 2010. The first week of the classes my Dad passed away at the age of 55 unexpectedly. (Sorry to be a Debbie downer). I can truly say that this class helped me survive the semester. It came to the point that the only reason I would not skip classes is because Improv was my first class of the day. Law knows his stuff. He is very informative, very helpful and funny as hell. If you want a fun class that will teach you a lot of improv techniques and give you something to look forward to... I highly recommend it."

- Daniel Forster

Student, SUNY Brockport


"Law is one of those teachers who makes everyone feel special, and makes the difficult art of improv seems easy. His warmth and openness make the students comfortable, and he has a way of making them feel competent even when they can't do things correctly. A terrific teacher, colleague and friend!"

- Dr. Roger Dube

Professor, Center for Imaging Science

Rochester Institute of Technology


"When I took Law's class I finally felt like "Wow, I don't suck at this!"

- Laura Taylor

Graphic Artist


"Law is the best professor I have ever had! He has really made me find a love for improv. Not only is he a great professor but an awesome person!"

- Nikki Lalik

Student, SUNY Brockport


"Law does everything a great teacher should do: He makes the subject matter clear, makes the hard work fun and rewarding and makes you feel great about what you've accomplished..."

-Jeri Lubman Dube

President, MindPulse Communications

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